About us

Working with olives is working with appreciation for healthy, fresh, good olive oil, food and happy company. To make sure our High Phenolic Extra Virgin Olive Oil (HP EVOO) is consistent in quality, taste and healthy ingredients, we do everything by hand.

Providing small quantities of 100 % fresh & healthy EVOO.


As a hobby beekeeper, I know what a blessing it is to have that liquid gold (Honey) from your own bees. Pure Honey or Olive Oil both is considered as liquid Gold and very healthy. But as in the business with honey the same is true of olive oil. It is quite a difference knowing or producing your own products in a pure high quality, or just buying it in a store, trusting all the steps involved or the ingredients to be as true as promised. So over the years I discovered olive oil from different countries, claiming to be 100% extra virgin olive oil, that tasted far from the varieties of spicy, grassy fruity taste of a genuine honest EVOO. Then in 2019 a friend who works with Argan and Olive oil from Morocco, told me of a new discovery in the olive oil phenol section: Oleocanthal. My interest for more information grew. I tried some very expensive EVOOs on the market and it was in the same year that I bought olive oil from my friends of the Parparot Olive Grove Sikovo(strong fresh stinging spicy taste). This was pretty much opening my eyes. Not only the taste but also the medical blessings of EVOOs high on certain phenols were really catching me.

On the 5th of August 2020 the SALE sign for an olive field in a small village near Biograd na Moru (Dalmatia) caught my attention. Knowing from friends with an olive grove of 500 trees (Parparot Olive Grove), that the direct neighbour land is for sale, we contacted the owner on the same day. Finally in November 2021, the olive grove was bought. The view to the Velebit mountain Range over a huge valley reminded a bit of Tuscany. With 46 trees, around 25 years old, the owners before already produced some good oil over the past years.

January 2022 – We were really keen of starting now the work on the olives with cutting big branches, making sure they don’t grow too dense. After about one week we finished the work on all olives. (Jako & Patric)

March/April 2022 – Time for cutting the small branches, new branches that are unwanted and mulching them as fertiliser into the ground. We were also preparing the foundation for a carport and storage for tools. (Manfred, Patric & Atila)

May 2022 – As the grass grew quite high, it needed to be cut and some more of the small new branches on the olive trees as well. End of the month the blooming of the olives began and it really created quite a smily in our faces since it was a little outlook with the hope for a good harvest. (Manfred, Patric)

June 2022 – On the 9th of June, the first little olive fruits were discovered (about 2-3 mm in size) and it was a unique feeling. The trees looked healthy and the weather conditions were good so far but no rain still for quite a while.

July – August 2022 – It was a very hot summer and still no rain, but it had one advantage: no need to spray any insecticides. (we planned for 2023 to be 100% organic, but due to the conditions this year, we did not use any spray already in our first year) Almost no flies or bad insects threatening the fruits. The ground was very dry and we had no watering system installed yet, but the olives seemed to be fine.

September 2022 – Just at the right time we had days with good rain. The fruits grew to a good size and we were looking forward to the harvest time. Almost every day we were now checking the forecast to plan the harvest time.

October 20, 2022 – After some days of very little rain over the past weeks, the day for harvest was here. Most people around us still did not think of harvesting. I was glad using the experience of our neigbour. Since it was my first olive harvest ever, the excitement was very big. Still we needed some of the tools and stuff for the harvesting and I was rather badly organized at that moment. Appointment in the mill was done on short notice. Still we could finish the harvesting of about 90 % in three days. The olives were brought to the close by mill at Biograd n.M. straight after the harvest.

At the Mill: The excitement was rising and we were looking forward to the moment of tasting our oil. After about 1,5 hours at the mill, we were very so glad to see and taste the first drops of oil – a fantastic fresh smell and taste. Now standing in the mill with a huge smile in our faces we were really happy and thankful for a good years work. The result: 128 litre of fine fresh powerful 100% organic extra virgin olive oil. Still at this point we never intended to sell any oil, but just enjoying working in the field and having this healthy product for our families and some good friends.

February 2023 – For personal curiosity in first place, i dropped a sample of my oil at the Laboratory Tello in Jaèn (Spain) for testing. The Result: HP EVOO (High Phenolic Extra Virgin Olive Oil) with 497 mg/kg of total phenols including 187 mg/kg of Oleocanthal. These results were the confirmation of the good work and that we are on the right track, but much more to learn. These results motivated me just to give it a try and participate in the WBHEC (Worlds best healthy EVOO competition) in Malagà, Spain. So we send the application with the laboratory results and waited.

May 2023 – The results from the WBHEC: Jacobs Olive HP EVOO earned 5th place in the overall competition and 7th place in the category Oleocanthal as well as 10th place in healthy fatty acids. This was a good confirmation of our work and motivation do get better.