Where to enjoy Jacob’s Olive HP EVOOs with excellent food:

House of Caviar – Baden-Baden & Düsseldorf (Germany)

Pinseria & Ristorante GARIBALDI – Baden-Baden

EINHORN Cafe-Winebar-Restaurant – Baden-Baden

LEO’S Restaurant & Bar – Baden-Baden

LeBISTRO – Baden-Baden

Petras Cafe & Restaurant – Baden-Baden

FILI Cafe & Bars 3 x in Freiburg (Germany)

Meet & Greet Restaurant – Freiburg (Germany)

Tom’s Restaurant – Freiburg (Germany)

Laubenlinde by Inmar – Germany (Offenburg)

Petra’s GRILL Restaurant & Bar – Emmendingen (Germany)

Krüger’s Restaurant – Germany (Mannheim)

Cooperation Partners:

Dr. Rilling Healthcare provides state of the art nutrition supplement. Their bioavailability and clean manufacturing practises make them best choice for sports professionals and others.

VARUNA MITRA – Finest Mustards, Mustard Oils and more. Professional Gourmet Chefs love their products and now they are conquering private kitchens as well.

EVA’S FINEST – is a 100% homemade in Dalmatia, organic store focused on healthy cosmetics and oils in very exclusive, limited quantities and freshly produced. All products are produced by hand with local herbs and ingredients.

DALMATIA has excellent soil and climatic conditions as well as more than 2500 years of history in growing grapes for wine, herbs and olive trees.

Technical Partners:

Laboratorio Tello from Jaen – known the world over for their work in the olive oil industry, providing reliable and latest technology for cultivars, brands and competitions.