Patch Olive Grove

This is our second olive grove about 50 minutes drive from Jacobs Olive Grove, south along the coastline, located near Šibenik (just 8 minutes drive to center Šibenik and 25 minutes to the KRKA water falls national park). This olive grove on a little hill is 300 meters to the lake of Proklijan (Proklijansko jezero) with mixed fresh/saltwater and lots of very old wine gardens in the area. Most of the 20 trees are around 10 years old but the field was not taken care of for some years. In January 2022 we started with cleaning the land, cutting the olives and fertilising them. As this garden was an old vineyard with still some of the old vine roots in the ground and very old dry stone walls around, the first cultivation might go even back to roman times like many others all over Dalmatia.

The variety of olives: Oblica